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On Monday, August 27, 2018, we filed our Motion for Summary Judgment in the New York Taser case

After a long period of discovery and depositions, Alan and I filed our Motion for Summary Judgment in the New York Taser/Stun Gun case, Avitabile v. Beach. Winning this case will be huge for the citizens of New York as they are basically left without the means to defend themselves contrary to the plain text of the Second Amendment. While Tasers and stun guns are not firearms, New York completely bans their usage. Why? Well, for stun guns, a government employee used a stun gun against two of his coworkers and so, the government believes that citizens shouldn't have these, because, (wait for it!) a government employee abused his "privilege" of owning a stun gun. Makes complete sense, no?

Yikes. In any event, you can read our memorandum in support here. We established through our own methods that there are approximately 4.8 million stun guns and Tasers owned throughout the free states. Not bad!

If you're interested in seeing the additional documents filed with the motion for summary judgment, you can find them in my Dropbox link by following this link:

It is quite a fascinating read, and thinking about how the government of New York wants to prohibit people from carrying non-lethal or even less than lethal self-defense tools will boggle your mind. Or, maybe just carry a baseball bat? A shotgun with bean bag rounds? Watered down pepper spray? Seriously. Just read the brief.

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