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Department of State issues third production in Terry v. DoS FOIA on Fast & Furious

For some background, Kent Terry and David Codrea requested that I submit a FOIA for Fast & Furious related documents to the Department of State. The Department of State has issued two separate productions previously (see and the third production was received by my office yesterday.

You can read the full document (or should I say, you can read some bits and pieces of what wasn't redacted) here.

What does it show us? Well, it shows us that DoS was aware of Fast and Furious with "DOJ Spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler [saying] the [House Oversight Committee] report reiterates many of the distortions and now-debunked conspiracy theories that Rep. Issa has been advancing for a year and a half, including the fiction that the flawed tactics used in Fast and Furious were somehow the brainchild of the current administration..." See page 17 for this astute "heads up".

We also see Secretary Clinton's response to Rep. Connie Mack's questions about ITAR violations (no special counsel for this? Seriously?) and her canned answer "The Department of Justice [OIG] is looking into the circumstances surrounding this operation. We plan to await completion of that review." See page 19 for this enlightening exchange. Of course, the "Legal Adviser's office was involved in preparing the Secretary on this question...." See page 24.

Oh, and of course, Secretary Clinton was wholly "unaware of [Operation Fast & Furious]. It was a law enforcement initiative. But [she does] think it's important to recognize it was aimed at doing something that [she] is in full agreement with Mexico about, and that is stopping the flow of illegal guns across the border." See page 28. So, you see, to stop the illegal flow of guns across the border, they had to send illegal guns across the border. Unassailable logic.

It has been a long enough wait for answers. My understanding is that President Trump promised Kent Terry answers. Mr. President, isn't it time to deliver on that promise? Release the documents. Hold those individuals accountable. We are waiting for you to deliver.

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