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Today we filed a lawsuit against the FBI over a Mandalay Bay FOIA request

Today, we filed a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation over a Mandalay Bay FOIA request that the FBI denied. The papers speak for themselves. The FBI at first said they couldn't search for responsive documents and then denied the next portion of the FOIA due to an ongoing "law enforcement proceeding." The problem is that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department basically said "case closed", so, what is it that the FBI has as an ongoing law enforcement proceeding?

You can read the entire complaint, with exhibits, here.

Contrary to the FBI's position, in a similar FOIA to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the ATF responded almost immediately and has currently produced thousands and thousands of responsive documents.

It makes one wonder, why is the FBI not providing information about the case when, according to LVMPD, the shooter "acted alone" and has no motive?

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