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Today we received documents from a FOIA to the FBI from April 2016

We submitted a FOIA regarding NICS and the appeals process in April 2016. Today we received documents responsive to that request. The documents produced demonstrate that the FBI and NICS were not processing appeals as required by law as alleged in all of our 18 USC 925A cases we have filed to date. On page 50 of the attached, it says "The AST has five business days to tell a denied individual the reason for their denial. However, the AST Examiners are not performing any appeal work due to the increased volume." On page 57, someone wrote this email: "We stopped processing front-end [appeals] mail on 11/25/2015."

This is a serious problem as there are many individuals that are being erroneously denied their right to keep and bear arms due to the government's databases being incorrect. If the agency refuses to allow timely appeals, then the individuals have no recourse except through a court of law which is expensive.

If you have been subject to an erroneous denial of a firearm, please contact us immediately.

You can read through the production here.

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