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Today we filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against....

the Department of Justice and the Department of the Air Force for records pertaining to Devin Patrick Kelley. The FOIA requested the following:

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552), I hereby request all releasable information on Devin Patrick Kelley. It is understood that Kelley received a bad conduct discharge or dishonorable discharge from the US Air Force sometime in 2014 or earlier. I have located the following information online which may help identify him: U.S. v. Devin P. Kelley. CCA 38267. No. 14-0387/AF. I understand that he lived in New Braunfels, Texas and was twenty-six years of age. I specifically would like the court martial transcripts and all information that is releasable for a deceased individual.

Unexpectedly, the FBI got involved and clamped down on the court martial transcripts. The question is.... why? It is most likely undisputed that Kelley was a prohibited person that bought firearms when he shouldn't have been able to, but why keep the underlying information secret? Thankfully, we have individuals like David Codrea who are interested in getting to the truth and reporting on the stories that need to be brought to light. As this case progresses, I will post the updates as we get them. Until then, feel free to read the Complaint and all the attachments associated with it and read for yourself how a court martial from 2014 is suddenly "compiled for law enforcement" purposes in 2017.

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