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Third NICS appeal case filed today

Despite having 18 USC 925(c) relief and being a retired probation officer that is qualified to carry a firearm in all states under HR 218 (LEOSA), Mr. Rowe was continually denied his right to purchase a firearm from an FFL. Why you may ask? Around 1978, Mr. Rowe pled guilty to Possession of a Deadly Weapon in San Bernardino, California, and was sentenced to six (6) months’ probation. He served three (3) months and was granted early discharge and a withdrawal of plea of guilty in August, 1978. His charge was deemed a misdemeanor after the early termination and withdrawal of plea.

So, this is where we are folks. Our Second Amendment rights are only as strong as those who stand up to defend them. I am pleased that my co-counsel, Alan Beck, is fighting with me on these cases. If you have similar issues, please contact an attorney to discuss your rights.

You can read the complaint here.

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