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The Mississippi Supreme Court declares you can't be fired from your job for having a firearm in

In a welcome decision, the Mississippi Supreme Court declared today that an employer may not fire a worker simply for having a firearm in his locked vehicle on employer property. These are the facts taken from today's opinion:

Swindol worked for Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation in Mississippi. He parked his car in Aurora’s parking lot with a firearm locked inside. Aurora’s managers learned about the firearm and fired Swindol later the same day for violating a company policy forbidding firearms on company property. Aurora then convened a plant-wide meeting during which its human resources manager told employees that Swindol was a security risk and instructed them to call the police if they saw him near the facility.

Swindol then sued in federal court, which rejected his claim under Miss. Code Ann. § 45-9-55 that he could not be fired for having a firearm in his locked vehicle on employer property. The Mississippi Supreme Court stated that "that the Legislature has declared it 'legally impermissible' for an employer to terminate an employee for having a firearm inside his locked vehicle on company property." This holding does not extend, however, to places where possession of a firearm is prohibited by state or federal law.

Additionally, the Court found that the employer was not shielded from liability for the wrongful termination of the employee.

I suggest you read the case, and if you have questions, or have been terminated from your employment for having a firearm in your locked vehicle on your employer's property, to contact an attorney to discuss your rights.

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